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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pulborough 16 May 2011

Whoops, have left out the whole of April and my adventures in Wales and along the Portsmouth and Arun canal. They'll follow, I've just been so busy lately that I haven't had time to write up my walks after taking them.

Went up to Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve today. It's changed a lot since my last visit a couple of months back, and as the waters recede from the flood meadows so the birds have moved on. A solitary lapwing patrolled the waterline, occassionally picking at the ground, while an equally solitary oystercatcher mooched about in deeper waters. A few swallows danced around above them, but on the whole the reserve was quiet.

As we walked the path that loops the reserve we saw common blue, common white and skipper butterflies, busying themselves around the hedgerows, which hid the odd baby rabbit making their first ventures into the outside world.

We took some time to walk the land north of the reserve and outside it's bounds where the soil is more sandy, and the trees conifers. Among these Angus cattle were cropping the grass, and pine cones littered the floor. We were in search of elderflower for cordial and vodka, but found only wood sage and had to block the lane on the exit, much to the annoyance of one old dear, to harvest enough for our needs. It seems some drivers just aren't cordial enough to wait.

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